Eastsun Development Limited. as a medical device manufacturer establish since 2008, has been focusing on producing high quality medical device and protective masks including KN95 mask, FFP2 mask, 3-ply medical mask and surgical masks, etc. Our masks are designed to give maximum protection for the wearers and made from carefully selected fabrics. We have shown significant growth both in acquiring automated production machinery, production facilities and also distribution networks all over the world.
Product quality and criteria
Sanitation and clean is our top criteria for our workshop. We are fully committed to combine our people's knowledge, potential, advance production technologies and effective management under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards to supply products with international standard. We strictly follow the protective requirement based on GB2626-2006 for KN95 masks and YY/T0969-2013 for medical masks. We have CE certification for FFP2 masks on EN 149:2001+A1:2009 issued by Universal Certification (NB 2163) and DEKRA (NB 0158). We have also completed FDA registration.
Production capacity
With equipment of automatic face mask machine, we are able to produce more than 200,000pcs KN95 masks and 500,000pcs 3-ply medical masks each day. With the increasing demand of FFP2 masks in Europe, we are sparing no effort to improve our production capacity.
Our vision
We are sparing no effort to produce qualified products with efficient protection and ultra comfort for clients. We cares health and sanitation for every customer. We believe that with our continuous endeavor, we would be able to create a sense of well-being for clients with our excellent products.





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